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I Lost an Adult Tooth – Do I Need to Replace It?

Old age, trauma to your mouth, persistent dental complications – myriad factors can cause adult tooth loss – all of which a board-certified dentist should thoroughly examine as soon as they occur.

The good news: You may not need to replace your tooth. However, if you are missing a tooth in a visible portion of your mouth, for aesthetic reasons, you may want to take the time to have that tooth replaced. Even if the loss is unseen, hidden the back of your oral cavity, that tooth loss could indicate a larger set of problems and possibly lead to any number of related dental issues, including malocclusion, jaw strain, or tooth decay.

These issues can cause even more tooth loss, further pain, and discomfort, and can result in untold, long-term, monetary expenses to treat.

Cosmetic Replacement

If tooth loss affects your smile, is it important to get that tooth replaced? Yes, regardless of age, but certainly so, the younger you are – particularly if you plan on being in the job market (now or in the future). According to a recent article in Forbes magazine, dental problems such as gum issues and decaying teeth prevent one in three millennials from smiling. Also telling is that 28% of millennials believe their teeth and mouth undermined their ability to find work.

If you’ve lost a tooth that affects your smile, you should seriously consider getting that tooth replaced as soon as possible.

Preventive Replacement

If a tooth can’t be seen, why is it important to replace? First, if that tooth affects your bite, or the way you consume food, installing a replacement is an important consideration for your everyday quality of life. Further, Dr. Pamela Marzban, DDS, explains that after tooth lose or an extraction, the jawbone weakens. It also causes the surrounding teeth to shift. She says that without replacing the tooth, the loss of jawbone density may cause other teeth to fall out.

More importantly, if you are losing teeth or have recently lost a tooth (not by blunt trauma), there could be an underlying issue with your overall dental health – and that’s an issue that only a dentist can properly diagnose.

Here at Easter DDS, our team of experienced professionals has a variety of options you can choose from to fulfill all your dental replacement needs.

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