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The Surprising Benefits of Smiling Every Day

Everyone knows that smiling feels good. People who smile are usually happy, confident, and emotionally fulfilled. But did you know scientific evidence indicates that smiling and laughing can benefit your overall health and well-being – decreasing your risk for disease and increasing your likelihood of success in life and in business? It may also improve the quality of your interpersonal relationships.

Laughing and Smiling Reduce Stress

According to the Mayo Clinic, smiling and laughing can have short-term and long-term health benefits. In the short term, laughing increases the oxygen flow to vital organs such as the heart, lungs, and muscles, releasing endorphins from the brain, thereby reducing overall stress. In the long-term, laughing and smiling on a regular basis can improve immune system functioning. By reducing stress, your body can combat disease more effectively. Routine laughter can also relieve chronic ailments, allowing the body to produce its own natural painkillers. The more you laugh, and the more you smile, the better your mood, and the more emotionally fulfilled you will be.

Having Trouble Laughing and Smiling? – How Stress Can Shorten Your Life

According to the National Institute of Health, stress is a contributing factor to myriad negative health outcomes – ones that can take a serious toll your body, mood, and behavior. Including headache, muscle pain, fatigue, and digestive problems, along with anxiety, depression, lack of motivation, irritability, and overeating – and can also lead to a lack of exercise, substance abuse, and isolation. These contributing factors related to persistent stress can cause long-term negative health outcomes such as heart disease, cancer, diabetes, and serious mental health issues, to name a few.

The First Step to Reducing Your Overall Health Risk: Start Smiling

Beyond the physical benefit, smiling and laughing draw people to you. Humans who are happy and confident attract other humans who are happy and confident. By smiling and laughing more, other smiling and happy people will surround you. And, as a UK study published in 2011 indicates, you may actually live a longer and more fruitful life than individuals who aren’t as happy as you are.

Confidence is the first step to a happy smile. Are you confident with your smile? Here at Easter DDS, we have helped thousands of clients gain that confidence, and remember, you can always be more confident than you are today. Do you wish you could smile more? Would you smile more if your teeth could tell a slightly different story?

All we ask is this: Tell us the story you want your smile to tell the world, and at Easter DDS we will do everything we can to ensure that story is told. To set up a consultation, please contact us by email or by phone: (317) 291-1000.

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