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What You Need to Know About Your Teenager’s Teeth

Parents spend a lot of time teaching their young children about good oral hygiene. They teach kids to floss and remind them to brush twice a day. Regular cleanings keep those baby teeth pearly white and make sure there are no problems as adult teeth start to come in. As children transition to adolescence, they become more independent. Good oral hygiene is still necessary.

Common Dental Concerns

Crooked teeth. When adult teeth come in, they are often crooked. Early adolescence is a time parents and teens start to ask about braces. Crooked teeth are harder to clean, and a bad bite can make teens more prone to cavities, gum disease, and headaches. Braces straighten teeth and are available in many styles. Talk to your dentist to find out whether braces are the best choice for your child.

Wisdom teeth. Teens have most of their adult teeth by the time they’re 13, but wisdom teeth come in between the ages of 17 and 21. While you might not associate those ages with wisdom, it’s important to monitor teeth during those years. If they don’t have enough room to come in or they push through at the wrong angle, they can cause problems with the rest of your child’s mouth.

Smoking. Teenagers sometimes experiment with risky behaviors like cigarette smoking or chewing tobacco. Talk to your child about how tobacco products harm teeth and are bad for overall health.

Mouth jewelry. If your teen wants piercings in their lips or tongue, they may not realize the potential health concerns. The mouth is home to millions of bacteria, and oral piercings leave an opening for infection. Metal jewelry that continually bumps teeth also wears down enamel.

Cavities. Some teens are fastidious about every aspect of hygiene. Others need regular reminders to take care of their mouths. For many teens, adolescence carries an elevated risk of developing cavities.

Mouth Care for Teens

Many parents assume their teen knows the basics of good oral health. Take the time to remind your child of the importance of brushing teeth twice a day with fluoride toothpaste and flossing at least once daily. Regular plaque removal and dental x-rays can help prevent problems before they occur. Schedule an appointment for your teen when you contact Easter DDS today.

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