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Transform your grin into a smile that wins when you visit our cosmetic dentist with solutions for the entire family. When you visit with the team at P. Bruce Easter, DDS, PC, you get a broad array of options that can make your smile something you can be proud of again. You can discuss every possibility with the dentist and learn about the benefits of composite bonding and white fillings in Indianapolis, IN.

Our dental specialists are ready to discuss the benefits and potential drawbacks of each procedure. Every patient we serve is different in some way, and we want everyone that we serve to be happy with the work that is done. We will have a detailed discussion about your dental needs and your goals for the look of your smile. While some may need significant changes to their teeth and gums, others are interested in a more gradual approach. We have an office that is equipped for traditional dentistry and the cosmetic changes you desire.

Enjoy smiling again when you fill in the gaps between your teeth with bonding or a complete veneer. The options that we offer help you improve the functionality and appeal of your teeth. Say goodbye to the chips and gaps that you have been hiding for years, and start opening up your personality when it matters the most.

A Look Inside

Our family dentistry practice is here for you when you need a regular checkup and our team is ready to move when you are dealing with an unbearable cavity. Saving the structure of the tooth is an essential goal for any dentist. The latest advancements in dental technology are now available to our patients. Instead of living with older fillings made with mercury, choose a composite resin material that can easily be matched to the natural color of your tooth.

We chemically bond this resin to the existing tooth structure for greater hold. A conditioning liquid is added first to ensure the bond can last for up to 10 years. Because the material wears much like natural enamel, the outer structure will perform like a natural tooth. Composite bonding is an excellent alternative for those who need subtle changes in the near term. We help the patient make a sound decision when it comes to cost and upkeep over time.

Customize the Look of Your Smile

Rebuilding the structure of your tooth can involve a crown or composite bonding. We can help you choose the right shade for your bonding, and match it to the fillings you have received. The etching needed for this process is virtually painless, so no anesthesia is needed. There is only some trimming and shaping required before the final polish.

Contact us today to learn about your cosmetic options, including white fillings. We proudly serve patients in Indianapolis, Indiana, and surrounding communities.

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