At Easter Family, Cosmetic & Sports Dentistry, we specialize in long-term dental care and short-term solutions for you and your family in a very caring and comfortable environment.  For your comfort, we offer nitrous oxide (laughing gas), blankets, stereo headphones and neck pillows while in the dental chair.  Furthermore, we offer a full compliment of services, so that most all procedures can be done right here in our office.

Our philosophy is that a positive dental experience will increase the likelihood of a patient seeking preventative care to avoid future problems and experience a lifetime of good oral health. Contact us to learn more about our family dentistry.

Family Dentistry Indianapolis

Shuttling your children to separate locations for checkups and treatment is a frustrating experience. That’s why we at Easter Family, Cosmetic & Sports Dentistry enjoy caring for patients of all ages. Whether you’re 3 or 93, we take great care and consideration in cleaning and examining your teeth as well as providing any necessary treatments.  Also, we know your time is valuable, so we will clean your’s and your children’s teeth simultaneously. Hence, the entire family will be taken care of in about 1/2 of the time.


In today’s society, a beautiful smile is essential in conveying confidence, professionalism as well as enhancing a lifetime of happiness.  Our team understands the importance of this and, therefore, provides a number of cosmetic and restorative treatments to make your smile shine.
This includes:

  • Tooth-Colored (White) Fillings
  • Cutting Edge Crowns (Bruxzir, eMax)
  • Natural Looking Veneers
  • Zoom 2 Advanced Teeth Whitening System
  • Composite Bonding
  • Dentures & Partials
  • Root Canals & Extractions
  • Front Teeth Reshaping
  • Smile and Lip Enhancements
  • and much more.


As a Team Dentist for the Indianapolis Colts and a Sports Dentist, Dr. Easter is committed to helping athletes around the country both repair and prevent severe dental injuries.  His work extends into the area of concussion prevention and increased athletic performance by means of his innovative athletic mouthguard.

Dr. Easter is one of the world’s leading advocates for anti-concussion mouthguards, which are designed to decrease the incidence and severity of concussions. These state-of-the-art, dual-layered, pressure-laminated mouthguards fit perfectly, provide appropriate protection, and don’t deteriorate as easily from biting due to the innovative material of this special mouthguard.

So, when one hits their head, the mandible and temporomandibular joint (TMJ) will slam against the skull and create a secondary impact to the brain.  The anti-concussion mouthguard absorbs the impact much more effectively than traditional, vacuum-made mouthguards.

We offer anti-concussion mouthguards to weekend warriors, professionals, and athletes of all types.  We’re also happy to provide consultation to both you and your children regarding sports-related head injuries and the importance of anti-concussion mouthguards.

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