Dentures are an excellent choice for patients who are missing teeth and surrounding tissue. If you feel the time is right for dentures, we at Easter Family, Cosmetic and Sports Dentistry will deliver you a natural, comfortable set of dentures designed to substantially improve tooth appearance and functionality.

The Process

To begin, we make multiple impressions of your jaw to accurately measure both the size of and distance between your teeth. We then discuss your interests and concerns for your new set of teeth (full dentures) or for the few missing teeth (partial dentures). Next, we work with you to select exactly the right shade of white and shape to match your mouth and natural teeth.

Types of Dentures in Indianapolis

Complete Dentures – When a patient has no teeth or must remove all remaining teeth, they are ideal candidates for complete dentures.

Complete dentures come in immediate and conventional varieties:

Immediate Dentures are custom-made before a procedure, so the dentures ready for placement at the time of teeth removal. This way, a patient is never outside our office without their teeth. The disadvantage to complete dentures is that they often require adjustments over time as bones and gums shrink and heal. However, our procedure includes a complimentary reline to contour to the precise shape of gums and bones approximately 6 months later. Conventional Dentures are long-lasting, superior in contouring to your mouth and bite, and allow you to choose your perfect cosmetic features. The downside to conventional dentures is that they take multiple appointments to measure, mold and fit. If a patient is interested in dentures that fit exceptionally, the can opt to have implants placed that will allow the denture to snap into place.

Partial Dentures – Partial dentures are made to replace few, but not all, missing teeth. This appliance attaches to the remaining teeth to give it a superior fit and retention in the mouth while providing replacement teeth in the open areas. Partial dentures are a great option for patients with existing natural teeth. To meet each patient’s needs and interests, we offer a wide variety of partials, from simple fitting to precision-attaching, incredibly retentive ones.

Benefits of Dentures

  • Functional – Dentures provide the ability to chew, speak and fill out the lips/face for an improved cosmetic result.
  • Improved Smile – Dentures are made out of natural-looking materials that lead to a beautiful, confident smile.

When Is it Time for Dentures?

  • Decay – When the teeth are so extremely decayed that they become unsalvageable.
  • Gum Disease (Periodontitis) – Signs of gum inflammation include redness, tenderness, swelling and bleeding that, if left untreated, leads to gum disease.  When this occurs, the supporting bone around each tooth begins to deteriorate, thus rendering the teeth loose and moveable. As this advances, it becomes impossible to save the teeth, inevitably leading to removal and replacement of dentures.
  • Tooth Loss – When a tooth goes missing, extra pressure is incurred on healthy teeth. This uneven distribution of force can snowball into larger problems if left unchecked.

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